Perfect Teeth and Gums – What Should Be Your Diet?

Perfect Teeth and Gums – What Should Be Your Diet?We take a good care of our teeth and gum. We brush daily, floss regularly and clean the tongue to maintain a perfect oral hygiene. From using a right toothbrush to trusting only fluoride-rich toothpaste, we leave nothing to be desired in the quest to maintaining our dental health.

All this however sometimes proves insufficient and we fail to get the kind of dental health we yearn. Why so? Well, it has a lot to do with what we eat! Yes, foods have a huge role to play in the way our teeth and gums maintain their health.

We know acidic foods are harmful; we can’t afford eating fruits rich in citric acids and we have to cut down the intake of wine, coffee, tea etc.  But the question is, what should we eat? We should eat only what dentists ask us to. We should eat what adds value to our dental health.

Here are food types to include in the diet for healthy teeth and gums –

A diet rich in calcium and phosphorous

Eating too much of acidic foods or drinks causes a lot of damage to our teeth. This weakens the enamel and leads to tooth decay in a gradual manner. We should thus start a diet rich in minerals. Including foods rich in calcium and phosphorous gives the teeth its share of nutrients and keeps them stronger. So, eat more of cheese, milk, yogurt egg, fish etc.

A diet rich in firm and crunchy foods  

Hard and crunchy foods with water help your teeth a lot. Such foods not only help in the production of saliva in the mouth but also help cleaning the tooth in a natural manner. This is how harmful foods and bacteria are kept out of the way. So, start having a diet rich in foods such as carrots, apples, and celery.

A diet in vitamin D

Lack of vitamin D can cause a lot of health problems. In fact, this vitamin is needed to keep your teeth healthy and stronger. So, start taking this vitamin and you know that the sunlight is the biggest source of that. Eat more of fish, egg, yolks as well.

A diet rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C is as much important for your teeth and it’s for gums. It’s needed to cut down inflammation and strengthen blood vessels. This is how your gums stay away from diseases and you fight periodontal diseases with ease. So, start eating more of oranges, broccoli, and strawberries to keep the gums healthy.

A diet rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants are one of most important food types to maintain dental health. They provide great protection against bacterial infection and cell damage to keep you away from inflammation and periodontal disease. So, eat more of beans, apples, grapes and nuts to get healthy teeth and gums.

A diet rich in probiotics

Probiotics are needed in the body to keep the plaque in check and promote healthy gums. They are considered a form of good bacteria to bring dental health. Try eating fermented food, including yogurt to maintain your dental health.

Other food types

Apart from these major food types, you will also need to include in the diet anthocyanins, arginine, and polyphenols in the diet. Some of the foods for these minerals include grapes, cherries, meat, soy, nuts. These all help a lot in giving you healthy teeth and gums.

In overall, visit the best dentist Bushwick and get a dental check-up. Based on the health, ask the dentist to prescribe the food items or diet type to follow. This is how dental health is maintained.

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