Frequent Mistakes Committed in Dental SEO

Website owners looking to attract increased traffic to their websites and rank higher in search engine results make effective use of SEO techniques. SEO has gained huge popularity these days because of the edge that it provides to websites. Professionals including dentists make use of this modern tool to implement their marketing strategies in different ways so as to move ahead of their competitors. But, with the change of time, SEO techniques also change and newer ways are accepted by search engines to filter out quality results to the users. In terms of dentist SEO, even experienced people make mistakes and provided below are the common mistakes:

  • • Anchor-text rich links – Anchor-text rich links are not always good for a website. Experts advise to maintain the richness to a minimum of thirty percent. Rotation of the anchor-texts might prove to be quite an impressive strategy in dental SEO.
  • • Huge number of links in short time – Search engines keep track of the natural linking process of websites all the time. Link overgrowth might lead to suspicion from search engines. On a number of occasions, people have tried to add lots of links so as to increase website ranking however, within a span of some weeks, the websites were entirely removed.
  • • Quality of content – Content constitutes an important part of all websites and given high priority by search engines. Providing quality articles on different topics on a daily basis helps to gain the trust and loyalty of customers. As far as dental SEO is concerned emphasis should be laid on educating the people about common issues related to dental health. The contents should be detailed and informative so that people always come back to revisit the website.
  • • Home Page redirecting links in Excessive amount – Page linking that is internal is much better than Home Page redirecting links. Home Page redirecting links can be included but only in small percentage. A classic idea of management of links can be gained from Wikipedia. The website contains only one percent Home Page redirecting links while the rest is internal linking.
  • • Website Authority – Websites that are classified in the category of ‘Authority’ generally rank higher. Active presence in social media helps gain authority and frequent scanning is carried out through search engines to determine website authority. In the present world, social media is believed to be a crucial constituent of dental SEO.
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