Listen to your Dentist’s Warning Against Smoking

Smoking effect on Your TeethEvery individual, both the smoker and the non smoker are aware of the fact that smoking is not good for health. There are several diseases which smoking may cause you and the count of such diseases is really large staring from the bad breath troubles moving toward cancer. Several other troubles can also issue from smoking and that include breathing troubles and emphysema as well. However, there is one thing that you have overlooked and that pertains to the harm caused to teeth by smoking. The habit also harms oral health equally. If you are a smoker, you need to prepare yourself so that you can hear harsh words that your dentist has in store for you when you next visit him.

The much established fact that smoking isn’t good for health has been mentioned already. So bad are the consequences of smoking that it can cause teeth to become discolored making it look ugly. With continuous smoking, inflammations inside your mouth are likely to increase. You can find this taking place near and around salivary glands mainly. The chances of plaque and tarter developing in the mouth increase to a great extent. It may result in the increase in cavities of your teeth. Despite your taking intense care of  teeth, your  teeth become more prone to damage if you are a smoker.

Smoking may give emergence to other types of oral problems. You will find your dentist warning you about loss of bones from the jaw. The inner side of mouth can also develop white patches. These patches are better known as leukoplakia. If you are a smoker, you’re at a high risk of having troubles with the gums. It can even cause you to lose teeth.

You might be desirous of knowing a very curious fact and that is how smoking should cause your gums to enter a diseased state. Tobacco can cause the teeth setting to undergo change by disturbing the pattern in which tissues connect bones to teeth. The tissues of the gums can also suffer the effects of smoking. This may result in stopping the flow of blood into the gums, which is a serious problem. Your gums can, in this way, attract infections too. If you are under some dental treatment such as periodontal therapy or tooth extraction, the time for healing may take long if you happen to be a smoker.

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